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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Human Rights - not just the human subject

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The concept of human rights in the world took shape during the World War II (1939 - 1945) when Nazis reportedly murdered millions of people - men, women and children, including Jews and others. Those incidents shook the world and most of the nations of the world and most of the nations started crying for the sake of humanity.

Those were the dark days of the world history. Four allied nations of the world namely China, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic(USSR), the United Kingdom(U.K.) and the United States stood up to organise the world community t search some device to safeguard humanity. Thus, the United Nations’ Organisation took shape in 1945.

After two years of the organisation of the United Nations, its Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) formed a Commission on Human Rights with Eleanor Roosevelt as its first chairperson. It was during her time in the United Nations that she remained chairperson of the committee that drafted and approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. President Truman called her the First Lady of the World in tribute to her achievements for Human Rights. The commission adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. This event marked the birth of modern Human Rights Movement across the world.

Image- Eleanor Roosevelt

The “Human Rights” is not just the human subject. Rather, it is more an environmental subject. Just as we consider all the plants and trees, all the microbes and animals, as most important components of our Natural Environment, we must consider all the human beings equally important component of the natural environment. Just as the existence and development of all the plants, animals and microorganisms is essential, the existence and development of human beings are equally essential for the existence of environment on this planet. On the other hand, since human beings are developed and scientifically powerful, it is their duty to protect and preserve all the fellow components of this planet and not to harm even the tiniest creature of this planet in any way. This is what we call as Environmental Ethics.

A moral, legal or environmental claim to live, to have or receive something, or to behave in a particular way is called as “Right”. It relates to all living beings that share this unique planet which is also called as the Mother Earth. In this light, all humans too have moral, legal or environmental claim to live, to have or to get share in natural resources or to behave in a particular way … is called as Human Right.

Key Words: Human Rights, Environmental Subject,Environmental Ethics, Eleanor Roosevelt

Image Credit:americangallery.worldpress.com

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