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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Japanese Quail breeding centre to be set up in Bikaner (Rajasthan),India

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The Central Avian Research Centre Bareilly (U.P.) has designated a network programme on diversified poultry species. Under this programme, a new breeding centre has been planned to be set up in Rajasthan University of Veterinary Science, Bikaner (India).

The promotion of Japanese quail (Coturnix quail ) production, as per the research centre is to be started in Bikaner in view of generating income of the rural people together with supplementing the animal protein. It is considered that quail is an important bird for research and education. It is important to note that promotion of poultry, fisheries etc. has been in the agenda of the government in view of supplementing food production through agriculture. Poultry eaters may supplement their food with the animal protein and the pressure for meet on poultry may thus be bifurcated.
Image 1  Japanese quail

It is reported that the quail farming is picking up in a big way at the International level now a day. Still, the awareness about quail farming is very low in India, though Japanese quail would prove an alternative to poultry in the country.

It is again important to note that hunting and killing of wild Indian quail (Coturnix coturnix) has been banned in India in view of their limiting numbers. As such, introduction of Japanese quail has been considered to be a better option on a conservation point of view also.

Image 2  Indian quail

The centre has reported that poultry eggs and meet available in the markets are not adequate in amount and number to meet the increasing demand of food. Rajasthan imports eggs from Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Thus quail farming in the state is thought to compensate the demand of poultry.

Image 3   Eggs of quail

The Avian Research Institute proposes the purchase of 5000 quails in the first phase of the programme. The institute is planning to offer training programmes to farmers in quail farming. The manure from quails has been reported to have highest fertilizer efficiency.

Japanese quail is more resistant to different poultry diseases. In view of this fact, many quail farms have already been established in the country.

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Image Credit : Image 1- orientalbirdimages.org, Image 2 - indianbirdsphotography.blogspot.com

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