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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Land degradation in Nagaland, India

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Major parts of the land of Nagaland are made of shale dominant rocks. These rocks always remain prone to soil erosion. High intensity monsoon showers form the rainfall pattern in this area. But, this type of rainfall pattern encourages soil erosion and land slides. The unstable geography of the land causes morphological changes in land and affects the socio-economic conditions of the naga people.

The factors responsible for land degradation in Nagaland have been categorizes as natural and human factors. The natural factors include: the Nature of soil and the Pattern of rainfall. The Human Causes of land degradation include following factors –

1.Rapid Growth of Human Population
2.Improper Utilization of land and Land Resources
3.Absence of Land Use Policy
4.Growing Urbanization and Deforestation

Some important causes of Deforestation in Nagaland are –
1.Unsustainable use of firewood
2.Shifting Cultivation
3.Non-adoption of Soil Conservation Measures in proper ways in certain areas of  Nagaland
4.Encroachment into Forest Land for agriculture and settlements
5.Frequent Forest Fires in different localities, and
6.Overgrazing along hill slopes by cattle.
Key Words: Nagaland, shale, monsoon, urbanization, forest fires

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