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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Plant trees - at least twenty five to become a primary member of JDU

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In an attempt to strengthen the Green Bihar Campaign of his party, Nitish Kumar, the head of the Janata Dal United and the Chief Minister of Bihar has linked tree-plantation with the Primary Membership of the party.
It has been reported that one who wishes to join Janata Dal United, must come with a valid proof of having planted at least twenty five trees along with other documents. Men in urban areas may use internet for providing proofs of their tree plantation work while those in rural areas may have to post photographs of planting trees in a given format.

Earlier, the last date for applying for the primary membership of the party was 31st December 2011, but in view of expected delay in sending the proofs of having planted at least twenty five trees, the party has extended the date up to 15th of January 2012.

Nitish Kumar, the Head of the party and the Chief Minister of Bihar has also planted trees on the occasion of death anniversary of his mother in Kalyan Bigaha village. Earlier, Mr. Kumar had made it compulsory for all the officers of the state (as more as 400,000) to plant trees - at least one sapling each to increase the state’s green cover to 15% in the next five years.

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