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Monday, April 30, 2012

The state of child labour in India with special reference to Jharkhand

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The year 2012 is being celebrated as the “Year of Daughters” in Jharkhand. Accordingly, the state Government is making available many types of helps to girl children. Providing free bicycles to school going girls, making available free books and free education to girls and also to boys, and many others are some examples. But, current media reports present a sorry state of children, especially of those who are from very poor families and are bound to work for the livelihood of their parents, or who are bound to migrate along with their parents in their school going age, to other states in search of earning livelihood in particular seasons.

Child labour can be seen on tea stalls, motels and in houses everywhere in the state and of course in the whole country in spite of the provisions of law to stop the practice of child labour in states and the whole country.
Census 2001 revealed that Jharkhand had about 4 lakh child labour aged from 5 to 14 while the national figure of the same period was 1.26 crore. The NSSO data of 2004 shows that Jharkhand has about 2.06 lakh Child Labour aged between 5 to 14 years. This figure on national level is reported to be 90 lakh. The number of Child Labour as per the census of 2011 has not been reported so far. But it is assessed that the number of child labour in Jharkhand state has not decreased over the years.

Most of the child labor works in organized sector. The NSSO data reveal that 65% child labour work in agriculture sector while 14% child labour work at construction sites, 12% child labour work in hotels, motels and commercial houses. There is great demand of child labour in Delhi, West Bengal, Goa, Haryana, Punjab and South India.

It has been reportedly planned that a joint campaign against the practice of child labour will be conducted from 30 April to 07 May, 2012 by the Department of Labour, Human Resources Development, Social Welfare, Home / Police of Jharkhand and the UNICEF. It is reported that the principal focus of UNICEF in this campaign will be on the child labour working in motels, hotels, garages and small industries. The UNICEF is inclined to conduct a large campaign on 12th June 2012 to observe the day as “World Day against Child Labour”. 

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