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Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Economy: Does it include you?,

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India has a tradition of celebrating particular days to mark particular occasions, and so do other countries of world too. Days are celebrated to take special resolutions. The world has been celebrating “World Environment Day” on 5th June every year since 1973 to take resolutions to tackle a number of global environmental challenges. These environmental challenges, besides a number of local ones are – climate change, global warming, desertification, disasters and conflicts, pollutions, environmental governance, ecosystem management, and resource efficiency. Since all of these environmental challenges have emerged out due to human mistakes of overuse, and abuse of natural resources, human beings alone are responsible for taking up corrective measures to keep the environment able to sustain and support life on this planet.

World Environment Day was created and declared by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on 5th June 1973 by its General Assembly to stimulate worldwide awareness and to enhance individual and political attention and action. It was on this day in 1072 that United Nations Conference on Human Environment was formed. Every year the United Nations declares a particular theme for the worldwide celebration of the World Environment Day. Last year the theme was Forests: Nature at Your service, and this year...Well the theme for this year’s WED celebrations is “Green Economy: Does it include you? So, this year we will be celebrating this day as per the theme for this year, but let us understand the theme for this year first.

Green Economy, as defined by the United Nations is one that results in improved human well being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, Green Economy can be thought as one, which is low carbon, resource efficient, and socially acceptable. Any activity either related to production, sale, purchase, consumption or use etc- must be oriented to protection of environment. So each one of us must see that we are supporting our environment through our economic activities and this is how we can be included in it.

The main objective of this year’s WED celebrations and the activities that are to go on for the whole year must be oriented towards public awareness, knowledge and action towards the importance of conserving and managing the environment.

The agenda for the celebrations of the World Environment Day-2012 should include every one in the protection of environment. It should empower people to take active parts in not using such products that involve damage to environment at any stage of their production, sale, distribution and consumption. It should make societies change their attitudes towards environment. It should be oriented towards making groups and partners for making our environment sustainable. At school level you should form a group or groups of like minded friends to work for the promotion of Green Economy by spreading awareness and by including yourselves.

India is endowed with rich natural resource base and a favorable climate. Despite India’s high natural resource potential, it is undergoing rapid environmental degradation. We should make the people aware about benefits of planting trees to create a renewable and dependable energy base. We should spread awareness about the need of maintaining our forests, improving the fertility of our soils and ensuring that all the industrial, agricultural and other activities that support our economy are taken in sustainable ways so as to green the economy. All of us need to be included in making the environment sustainable by promoting a Green Economy as asked by the United Nations Environment Programme.

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