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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A pretty squirrel

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Crows are brave, cunning, wise, tricky, and cruel and … add as much adjective as you can and you may find that each word suits better than the other. As for me, I never liked its behavior. Though I do have some soft corner for the bird due to its vanishing number for whatever reason, it sometimes does such acts that I cannot hide my anger. Being human, I do have a faith in Live and Let Live, but at the same time I forget that the bird is not bound to obey rules framed by us humans.

In spite of all these knowledge and understanding I most often get angry whenever I see a crow following a sick pigeons and attacking on it at weak moments or attacking on pretty squirrel running behind its mate. Such a case was recently observed by me when the squirrel fell on ground right before me and was rescued. The disappointed crow had nothing except …

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