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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Genes to control beauty and smartness

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Each one of us wants to be looked smart and beautiful. While smartness is linked with energy and muscular compactness, beauty is linked to love and something which inspires emotions. Beauty is aesthetically pleasing and sometimes enjoyable. There are beauties of actions too. Like beauty of movement. Different mudras in katthak, kathakali, odyssey and other forms of dances show divine beauties through movements.

Beauty is both internal and external and so is the smartness. These attributes of persons remain linked with or are rather expressions of something that lies in blood, inside cells, on chromosomes in the nuclei of cells.

In spite of all those universality of nature or creating, each one of us wants to be looked smart and beautiful. Markets are flooded with thousands of chemical preparations, and now a number of so called herbal and ayurvedic preparations that claim to enhance beauty, fairness and glow. And most of them are performing well on the counters.

Researches in biology report that out beauties and smartnesses are determined by genes, the physical units coded with merits and attributes for the whole body. A new research in life science tells us that there are five genes that control beauties and smartnesses and they are alone responsible for the determination of our facial beauty and muscular compactness.

Scientists, before reaching to some conclusions, performed experiments with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of faces and then compared with different DNA molecules. They came to wonderful results.

After comparing GAX- DNA they came to know that individuals having such types of DNA have flattened noses. Scientists have reported that initial researches have encouraging results. It is on this basis that facial architecture of persons can be found or guessed out on the basis of these works. They are of the opinion that portrait of a person can easily be drawn if his DNA make- up is known properly. This research is important not alone for medical science; rather it is important for investigations about criminals as well.

According to an article on healthfriend.com entitled -Genetics and Science behind Beautiful People and Physical Attraction -“One main feature that is indicative of healthy genetics is the symmetry of the face. Recognition of beauty fosters better mate selection and healthier breeding. Beautiful people usually associate with other beautiful people. Beautiful people prefer date people who are a little more attractive than themselves. Beautiful people and less beautiful people judge beauty in the same way, although less beautiful people often consider other factors as equally important. People consider facial characteristics similar to their parents to be more attractive. Members of a family or relations judge facial characteristics as implying personality traits in the same way. Studies find couples often resemble each other in facial characteristics. Attractive people are viewed as honest and helpful while unattractive people are viewed as rude and unfair. Women find a man more attractive in experiments when other women are pictured smiling at him. Females find extremely masculine faces more attractive during their fertile periods. Studies find less attractive men are more faithful and loving than handsome men. Women looking for a mate like small eyes, a big nose and a large jaw. Attractive people earn more salary and get more promotions than average looking people. Males in experiments prefer facial ratios similar to a woman of 24.8 years old. The ideal figure of a woman is a waist to hip ratio of 0.67 to 0.80.”

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