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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hair- going, going, gone …

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Baldness is emerging as one of the biggest health rather cosmetic problem across the world. It is observed more in gents than in ladies.

Scientists are of the opinion that secretion of testosterone, a male hormone is more responsible for hair loss in men. Shortage in the level of testosterone in blood is considered to be responsible to cause negative developments in cells located in the roots of hair.


Scientific researches have proved that depression, disease, infections, chemotherapy and genetic diseases are root causes of hair loss in men and women. Some chemicals like shampoos, soaps, and hair conditioners and heat drying of hair can cause baldness.

For treatment of the problem of baldness, it is sure that males have to protect their hair cells from the bad impact of reduced level of testosterone in their blood. Phenesteroids are used for this action. Phenesteroids help up to greater extent in solving the problem of baldness.

An over the counter lotion minoxidil helps hair to some extent. It protects hair for longer durations without any side effect. However, surgical implants are the lost option for keeping the crop of hair on ones head.

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