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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sleep disorders in smokers

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It is well known but rather less understood statutory warning that smoking is injurious to health, and that it may cause cancer. In spite of complete awareness of the fact, many persons and even some doctors don’t decide to get rid of it.

Cigarette smoking is a root cause of emphysema and cancer. However, it is the root cause of many other diseases and ailments as well.

Researchers have reported that cigarette smokers remain unable to enjoy full and sound sleep at nights. If they sleep, they experience disturbed or incomplete sleep leading to complete restlessness through out the whole day.
New researches have revealed that 17% cigarette smokers can enjoy less than 6 hours of sleep at nights. There are 28% smokers who cannot enjoy sound sleep even for a short period. It is important that relationship between smoking and sleeping has been established for the first time through this research only.

Researchers report that so far cigarette smoking was known to cause cancer, lung diseases etc. only, but now that the fact is known to all that it can reduce sleep hours or interfere with sleep etc. cigarette smokers have sufficient reasons for getting rid from cigarette smoking.
Obesity, diabetes and heart diseases are associated with sleep disorders. Even mental sickness and depression are also caused through this habit. It has been reported that nicotine contained in tobacco of cigarette is the only reason behind sleep disorder in smokers.

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