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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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If anybody known to you would choose to have cockroach as pet, what would you say? Weird! Isn’t it. People have general dislike for cockroaches. Only a person who has a deep interest in study of insects or entomology would prefer to do so.

Cockroaches can make life unbearable by merely appearing in the dream. The thought of a cockroach in the shoe to be worn, in the plate or flying in the room at night can irritate a person. How little they take to make life unbearable.

Some say cockroaches are evil, some say they are disgusting. But the reality is they are smarter than many animals, because of their survival strategies.

They are the most resilient species on earth. But are constantly underestimate by the human beings. People like cartoonists and painters, have noticed them. Their images in comic books, magazines and other records tell us how they prevail in the cultures across the globe.

They are fascinating, sometimes we don't even realize. The cockroach poses a special challenge to our capacity to feel compassion, like we feel for other animals specially the wild. Do they need our sympathy? Certainly not, as they have already survived for 300 million years, or so.

When anybody who loves cleanliness, would enter into kitchen and see cockroaches around, he/she would definitely shake head and say, "of what on earth are cockroaches made of?" They are relentless; they will survive after every attempt you take to get rid of them. You might have seen advertisements of products on television that claim to kill this pest: cockroach.

Cockroaches feed on dead and decaying plant and animal matter, trash, dung, wood and leather etc. They are scavengers basically and help in cleaning our environment. But then also, they are disliked. Yes, because they are pests.

They harbor in our homes and feed on human and pet food. They do not act as hosts for diseases but they do passively carry disease causing microbes on their body. They leave an offensive odour. ‘Roach dust’ or dust containing their excreta and body parts can cause allergy and asthma to those who are allergic to it.

These pests are enormous in number and spread on the whole of the earth. Cockroaches thrive in hot and humid environment and hide in cracks and crevices. They are nocturnal in habit.

Cockroaches are very cautious and hide after feeling vibrations of human feet during the night. They can feed on anything and everything. It is said that only a cockroach can survive after a nuclear holocaust!

So, if you don’t want to have cockroaches establishing their homes in yours, you would have to clean up. If you have a filthy kitchen or toilet, they will spread the whole of the filth in your house. Keep your surroundings clean and never think of making cockroach your buddy.

Cockroaches are smart creatures in the manner they have survived. We can relate their survival strategies so that we can celebrate life. As every life that survives on earth is a proof of unremitting willingness to live.

By Latika Mishra

Key WordsRoach dust,cracks and crevices,nuclear holocaus

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