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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

our seas have gone bad ...

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Many - many years ago I had been fortunate enough to move with state champions of Bihar and Jharkhand as District Coordinator to Chennai in National children’s Science Congress organized by the National Council for Science and Technology communications Network, New Delhi. Besides being fortunate enough to observe scientific models and projects prepared by child-scientists, I had also been fortunate enough to go to some important sea beeches in Chennai and Pondicherry.

I was happy to observe high waves in the sea and ships passing through it at great distances. Some of my students and even some guide teachers bathed in the sea water and enjoyed waves rising up and falling down. I was happy to see clear water wetting us standing at the coast and soon going down. The beeches had been very clean and clear. A number of living creatures used to come to the shore with tidal waves and go back with them. Some of us were picking up the milky white and pink colored empty cells just to see their beauty closely and to show it to our nearest at home. The memory is still living in my mind even after a long time.

Many – many years after that even, in the previous month I had a chance to go to Mumbai, this time also as an escort person. And the people to be escorted this time were not children, rather my old parents who had to go to my brother-in- law on a long holiday. This time too I had a chance to see the sea as I had planned to go to elephant. I visited the Gateway of India and the famous Taj Hotel which had been the victim of the terrorist attack some years back. Photographers contacted us requesting for photographs but I did not have an interest as I used to have many -many years ago. However, I allowed one photographer who soon handed me over the photo after printing by his portable printer he was having with him.

While moving through the sea for Elephanta caves I saw people carelessly throwing away the wrappers of eatable items they had and spiting carelessly into the sea. I saw many oil tankers moving through the marine water and many ugly looking plastic bags, slippers, water bottles, and many different types of things floating on the water surface. Waves though they were, they were very less high and uninteresting. I was sad to observe that the sea water looked vey dirty and blackish. When I reached to the landing point I was again shocked to see the dirty beech there. On reaching to Elephanta, I saw the caves and a teenage couple fighting with words. I have no time to describe the caves or you can say I don’t have sufficient matter to tell you about. Or my mind became so much cloudy after seeing the ugly beech that I lost all the power of mind to appreciate any beautiful thing.


Beech near Elephanta 1

 Beech near Elephanta 2


 The Elephanta

The dirty sea water 1

 The dirty sea water2

The Ugly Juhu Beech

After one day I moved to the famous Juhu beech. But all the beauty that was created by my mind after hearing the stories and seeing in films and that remained captured in my mind vanished soon as I stood on the beech. A boy went into the water to take a bath and to enjoy the sea water. After some time I was astonished to see his body when he came back on the beech.  His body had various dark spots of mud that were later removed by a towel. In fact, the sea water had too much organic matter in it that could not run away with the returning water. I thought it was dangerous to go into the sea water not because of the waves but because of the dirty organic matter contained in the water. I came back and now I am in Ranchi but the sadness of my mind is persisting with me. Our seas have gone bad. They have lost their natural beauty and the water quality. What is happening to our marine animals?

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