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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Misuse and abuse of common property resources

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Most of you might have completed your Christmas purchasing by now. Some of you might have prepared your own Christmas trees and adorned them with gifts. All the preparations for grand celebrations on the Christmas day are supposed to have been completed by now. So this is time to get ready to offer and to receive gifts and wish Merry Christmas to each other. 

Here you are busy in celebrating Christmas, the current month of December is packing up for saying Good By as the New Year’s first month – January is slowly marching towards us. After the Grand Christmas- the 25th December, the 1st January 2013 will be another great day – a day of grand celebrations, marriages, dances, music, and picnics. River banks, pond sides, water falls, lakes, picnic spots, sea beaches, open grounds etc. are sure to be flooded with boys and girls, men and women flocking with many types of consumable items wrapped inside different types of papers and plastics. Non- vegetarians may be carrying many different things too. Now, this is the point where I have to talk to you about many things related to your rights, duties and yes to your environment as well on such occasions.

Most of the picnic spots, sea beaches, river sides, parks, ponds, foot hills and other beautiful places where people go for picnics and celebrations are Common Property Resources. These are meant for general use by local public and not a single person can claim his ownership on these resources. This is the reason why these resources are usually abused, misused and polluted by irresponsible people through tourism, picnics and other celebrations especially on New Year’s Day.

The Indian Philosophy of conservation is to keep “Harmony with Nature”. Hence, we need to learn to live with nature. For this every individual has to play his role of maintaining peace, harmony and equity in nature by protecting common property resources against all types of misuse, abuse, pollutions and exploitation.
Water falls, picnic spots, and sea beaches are meant for the recreation of common public. These are places of tourist attraction also. Hence, to take care of the environmental health of these places is duty of each one of us. It is seen that people use these places on the New Year’s Day( and on other occasions as well) and go away leaving  a lot of garbage including bones, furs, wings, plastics, food leftovers, plastic cans and bottles, wrapping materials, etc. These are irresponsible and unhealthy practices that make those beautiful places ugly and dirty.

Article 51-A of the Indian Constitution reads- It is the constitutional duty of every citizen “to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for leaving creatures.” It can not be regarded as a fair act to kill millions of birds and animals simply to demonstrate our happiness on any occasion, say a new year’s day. It is again unfair to pollute common property resources like picnic spots, river banks, sea beaches, mounds, forest sides, dam sides, water falls etc. by scattering bones, wings, food leftovers, papers, plastics, wrapping materials, bottles etc.

It is observed by learned people that we have become more conscious about our rights than our duties since last few decades. Becoming conscious of one’s rights is important but becoming conscious of one’s duties too is equally important. We have shared responsibilities towards our environment. Every citizen has the responsibility of contributing his efforts for maintaining peace, harmony and equity in nature. We have the responsibility of remaining active for maintaining good neighborly relations and for ensuring that common property resources are used for common benefits. These resources are to be used carefully and protected sincerely. This was what we needed to talk about today. So, get ready to celebrate the New Year in Environmental Fashion which is latest and most modern. For those who have so far prepared themselves for the Christmas I would like to wish them and to their family a happy and prosperous Christmas and holiday session.   

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