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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rescue of a bat

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Bats are mammals, and mammals acquire a number of adaptations that other animals. A Number of bats live in my institute and spend nights in buildings. When we go there in the morning we see numerous seeds of Drooping Ashoka, Tamarind etc on the floor. Sometimes they create problems for sweepers who leave the institution after cleaning the building properly in the evenings and have to sweep the floor again. However, it seems a pretty exercise to me because the seeds remind me of bats that inhabit my institution’s building and again because they have started coming here and inhabiting the place since the trees of Drooping Ashoka and other trees and plants planted by me long back in 1991 on the occasion of the World Environment Day are adult now.

This morning, I saw a naughty crow trickily picking something and flying up. The thing that it was knocking with its pointed beak looked like a polythene bag thrown earlier by some careless being. When I drew attention of my principal he told me that the thing may be a bat. Soon I saw that the crow had lifted the back in its beak but the same somehow escaped but was dropped on the ground. I soon approached and threatened the crow to fly away. And the crow flew away. I started taking photographs of the bat but it started hiding it with its vast wings. Some how with the help of a stick I turned it right and no sooner than it came in proper position, it flew towards the drooping Ashoka trees and was soon vanished behind leaves. Thus the poor but the cleaver bat was rescued. And yes, it did not spare me and tried to frighten me also by showing its teeth. See for yourself.

When I approached

When I started taking photograph

When the camera flashed

When I turned it with the help of a stick

I could not photograph it as it flew in no time

Key Words: mammals, bat, rescue, adaptation

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