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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The First Indian Scientist to touch the end of sky

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Mr. T.N.Suresh Kumar, the senior scientist of ISRO'S Master Control Facility in Hassan has become the first Indian to visit the stratosphere, the second layer of the atmosphere of the earth on 15th August this year.

The Country of Tourism Limited, an agency of Russia conducted the space travel. The space journey which is called as Edge of Space had started conducting space travel 6 years ago.

So far 258 persons across the world have travelled up to this point and Mr. Suresh Kumar has been the 259th in the world to touch the end of the sky.

He had to pay, as per reports, rupees 15 lakh from his savings to the agency to facilitate his travel and to make his dream come true. He travelled in MIG 29 with a maximum speed of 1,850 km per hour and reached the edge of stratosphere in 48 minutes- report news media.

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