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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Over-exploitation of Ground Water in and around Delhi

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The underground water level in Delhi and surrounding areas has fallen down up to a very critical stage- reports study entitled ”Dynamic ground water resources of India” conducted by the Central Ground Water Board and the State Ground Water Department. The study surveyed 27 districts of Delhi. The continuous unregulated extraction of ground water for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes over the years, have caused this problem.

The study reveals that net ground water availability for future also runs into negative in Gurgaon and Haryana. The dependency on ground water has lessened due to increased surface water supply in Delhi. The Delhi Jal Board is regulating surface water supply and drilling of new bore wells.

In Delhi, the record of water extraction includes 0.14bcm for irrigation and 0.25 bcm for industrial and domestic supply. Only 0.01 bcm water is available for the future use. The stage of the Ground Water Development stands at 137% for Delhi. This figure puts the state in the over-exploited category. The story of over-exploitation of ground water in Haryana is rather grimmer. 

The total annual replenishable ground water resource available in Gurgaon is 26720 hectares where as the extracted water is 54418 ham. Thus net ground water available for future use in the area is minus 30370ham. Since, not much of the water goes back to recharge the water table, the stage of ground water development is over-exploited (226%). The study marks Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddha Nagar as over-exploited. The condition of groundwater supply in U.P. falls under semi-critical stage.

Key Words: underground water, recharge, over-exploited, semi-critical

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