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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prediction and Assessment of System Responses

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A scientific knowledge of Environmental Changes in ecosystems is essential for the adoption and execution of management practices.Changes in structures and functions of ecosystems, frequency and intensity of disturbances are main aspects that are needed to be investigated in this context.

It is evident from in situ monitoring and experimentation that ecosystems are subjected to large scale changes some of which occur due to ecological responses to the climatic variability.

Environmentalists report that changes in distribution of species is linked to increase in the global ambient temperature. It is also reported that increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and nitrogen deposition can alter primary productivity of ecosystems.

Thus, prediction and assessment of system responses to impacts and their interventions can be made from time to time.

Global changes to environment including those that occur in climate are modified by structure and functions of ecosystems. Changes in ecosystems have potential to enhance or reduce global changes in environment through several feedback mechanisms like greenhouse gases, emission of volatile organic compounds etc.( For details see- Environmental Education By Dr. M. P. Mishra, S. Chand & Company Private Limited, New Delhi, India)

Key Words: prediction, system responses, assessment

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