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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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Now, we all know about the Svachha Bharat Abhiyan. It is a cleanliness drive by the Prime Minister to clean India.It appears to mean that - India is not a clean country. Not correct absolutely. Many of the important spots in our country are dirty and many other spots that lie in our surroundings remain dirty due to our carelessness or negligence.

Why are we so careless or negligent? Probably because we remain so busy or involved in our day to day affairs that we don’t look around towards happenings that go on. We live such a type of life that we often don’t know that a child in our neighboring house is seriously sick. We move so fast on the road that we remain unable to see that an old woman is facing difficulty in crossing the road… that an old man has been struck by a rushing buffalo and he is laying helpless on the road.

 There is another reason too, behind our so called carelessness or negligence. And that reason is our selfishness. Selfishness …? Yes, we go on our ways and never bother about others’ conveniences. When I was in high school, I had read an article by Dr. C.E.M.Joad (Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad, 12 August 1891 – 9 April 1953, an English Philosopher) on “The Story of Our Civilization”. As per the theme of an example mentioned in the story we should never feel that we are free in a democratic country to do anything and everything at our will. We must have to take care of others while we do something. For example we are not free to play with our walking stick and moving it round and round without having a thought of other persons sharing the same road. And if we don’t care for others we are rightly- uncivilized.

Many among us care more for their rights than their duties. And thus they become negligent towards others, and so they go on doing anything on public places and harming, disturbing or damaging others. In my opinion it is not correct. According to the same famous English Philosopher – your right ends where my nose begins. But there is not any law, as I think to keep eye on a person who damages nose of someone while playing at his will and to check this violation. There is no any law, perhaps to check such violations because it is the civilization that frames such laws and such laws germinate inside our civilized soul or conscience. If we don’t care for others’ conveniences and go on doing what we like and remain so careless that we harm others while enjoying our freedom, we are rightly – uncivilized.

Let us check some examples of freedom of those who may be called uncivilized. In big cities any one can find examples of people who collect waste materials of their houses keep them in polythene bags and sling towards the other side of the road. Many families living in upper stories of high buildings drop their wastes down during nights and deny in the morning when a quarrel is about to begin on the issue. In a famous magazine on India’s Environment I once saw a photograph showing a tree with numerous waste containing polythene bags hanging from its branches as if a tree was laden with thousands of fruits of different colours.In reality there is not a single species of tree that bears fruits of different colours. Of course, some maize corns have multi-coloured seeds to show genetic diversity. But I have never come across any such example.

Wherever a man goes, waste materials like polythene bags, and paper and other things accompany him. These things go with him up to Kedar Nath, Mansarovar and other high places, and to sea beeches and picnic spots and many other low lying places as well. Waste materials accompany a man everywhere but man comes back leaving those materials there only. Our hill stations and picnic spots including sea beeches and river banks have been made ugly by human beings. While in a ferry to Elephants in the sea I happened to sea many shoes, slippers, plastic bottles, toys etc floating on the sea- water- rising up and going down with sea waves. These floating things tell stories of human carelessness or of enjoying rights while neglecting duties. Is there anyone to punish people who throw these things to the sea?

In a TV Show I saw Baba Ramdeo picking out different wastes from the water of our so called holy river Ganga and those wastes included clothes, teeth, broken glasses, slippers and what not – as seen by viewers. He was shown on a cleanliness drive of cleaning a particular stretch of Ganga somewhere near Hardwar. Those who throw wastes in our rivers are uncivilized, rather criminals as our government is expected to enforce law against such activities. But, until such laws are accepted by heart, nothing on this land is possible absolutely. Since law to protect Ganga from dirty practices of people came in force, people throw dead bodies at dead banks of this river with heavy weight tied firmly with the same. In the Science Book published by NCERT New Delhi for class X you can read that there are coli form bacteria in the water of this river, and this indicates mixing of human and animal excreta into the water. Now, it appears that our government is serious to clean this holy river and sufficient awareness has been built in societies to keep our sources clean in order to safeguard the community health.

We see that prominent personalities of the country including you and your friends have joined  hands to boost up cleanliness drive, to attract uncivilized towards a glittering civilization, and to awake those who are still sleeping- I do hope that our country will have a healthier environment in only few days to come.
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