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Saturday, October 18, 2014


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An activist of Mumbai, Mr. Dharmesh Solanki asked the Universities Grant Commission to stop all experiments on animals noting that it’s all funds and grants were utilized for the outdated, repetitive and cruelty filled experiments.

The activist requested the UGC to stop all the grants for unimportant tests as millions of animals were killed every year despite availability of technical alternatives.

Computer models and modern alternatives would help students of undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students to learn in better and faster ways. It would save innumerable animals against being killed away.

The activist, while requesting to stop funding said that animal houses in colleges and universities were in pathetic conditions and that too on the mercy of students. These houses lacked full time paid attendants. No visits were paid during holidays for making arrangements for food and water for animals. He requested the National Assessment Accreditation Council to look at those institutions that lacked scientifically built animal houses with modern facilities.

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