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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UGC bans dissection of animals

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There is an alarming decline in the population of small animals in India. This decline is greatly enhanced through their use as laboratory animals, especially for the purpose of dissection. The indiscriminate removal of small animals from their original habitat, say frogs, snails, scoliodon, lizards etc disrupts ecological balance by causing serious decline in the biodiversity.

Following oppositions from environmentalists and animal lovers, UGC has recently banned dissection of animals in colleges with a note that most of the animals used in laboratories are caught from their natural habitats and that their removal from their native places would cause disruptions in the natural functioning of eco-systems.

A partial ban on dissection on the dissection of animals was already imposed by UGC in 2011. The Science Policy Advisor for peta- India, an animal lover Organization Dr. C. Kaduri supporting the ban said that after 2011 teachers dissected and students watched in undergraduate classes where  as in Post Graduate classes students dissected unprotected species.

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