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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Amazing escape artist Octopus Houdini

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Far away from the laws of nature humans are emerging up in the form of huge and most powerful predators on this planet. When Darwin propounded his theory of natural selection, he probably was not able to predict or foresee the future developments of humans both as a predator and as a most technologically advanced living being on this planet. On one hand where men are inclined to trap and eat away all the small and big animals- terrestrial or marine, animals too are inclined to protect themselves in spite of not being blessed with the high development of a central nervous system. It is the survival instinct of every living creature which can search all possible ways for its protection. 

Here in this video the survival of the Pacific Octopus Houdini (named after escape artist Harry Houdini) appeared impossible but the instinct helped it at last. See for yourself -

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