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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Condition of females in poor tribal societies

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In tribal society of India women do most of the household work. Right from cooking food they have to perform duties of firewood collection, arrangement of water, child rearing, marketing and agriculture. Those with less or no land are reported to work here and there including working as labour at construction sites and at brick kilns, working as maids in houses, and even as agriculture labour. In some areas they have to migrate to other states in particular seasons to work at different sites as labourers. In many such cases they face exploitation and other types of sufferings.

In these societies school going girls are seen to leave their schools during paddy seasons to work in fields during paddy transplantation. Many such girls who remain serious towards studies apply for long leave stating reason that they have to work in fields during the activities of transplantation of paddy. In fact paddy transplantation is a group activity and cannot be continued for long depending on rains. Everything seems right in general but appears painful if education and development of girls are concerned. On the other hand even child bearing women are seen working at different places as they don’t have options except earning their livelihood. As such they have to pass through very painful conditions and many times the lives of both the mother and the child in her womb are threatened. Something must be done to improve the life-conditions of females in these societies.

Key Words: tribal, labour, paddy fields

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