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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Annona squimosa- an important medicinal plant - I

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Various types of natural remedies have been being made from different plants reported to contain medicinal properties. These natural remedies have been tested and found to be safe and effective. Many folkloric medicines have been prepared out of many plant species which are used for the treatment of different ailments. Compounds extracted out of plants continue to play major roles in Primary Healthcare as therapeutic remedies in many developing countries. Plants are rich sources of secondary metabolites with interesting biological activities.

Shareefa as it is known in Hindi language, Annona squimosa is one of the important medicinal plants known to Ayurveda and other traditional medical systems since time immemorial. It is profusely branched shrub or tree belonging to family Annonaceae. It bears tasty edible fruits called as Sugar Apple. It is semi-deciduous growing up to 3 metres to 8 metres in height. It is similar to soursop (A. muricata). It has a broad open crown and branches spreading irregularly.

Stem branches of Annona squimosa are with light brown bark and visible leaf scars. The inner bark is light yellow and slightly bitter in taste.

Leaves of the plant are thin, simple, alternate, occurring singly, 5 to 17 cm long and 2 to 6 cm broad, rounded at the base and pointed at the tips(oblong lanceolate), pale green on both surfaces, hairless with slight hair underside when young leaf stalks are 0.4 cm to 2.2 cm long and green.

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