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Friday, December 12, 2014

Species and Population

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We see different types of plants and animals around us. Some of these plants and animals are similar. Similar plants or animals form particular sets, and thus a number of sets of plants and animals are found in the nature. The individuals of one set of plants or animals remain similar with the individuals of the same set of organisms, while they remain different from the individuals of a different set.

A group of similar type of plants or animals  that can interbreed with one another in nature is called as species. There are numerous species of plants, animals and micro-organisms that exist in nature.

Individuals of one species tend to aggregate and live together occupying certain area at a given time. This aggregation of individuals of the same species often becomes permanent.This somewhat permanent aggregation of individuals of the same species that occupy a definite space at a given time is called as Population. Example: Flamingoes form a population in the figure below.

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