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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Eucalyptus Tree

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Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia. It is well acclimatized in India. Once its roots meet soil, it goes on growing and growing. On 5th June 1991,  I planted a number to trees in a school campus. By chance, a plant of Eucalyptus came with the drooping Ashoka saplings. When the Drooping Ashokas were being planted, the Eucalyptus sapling stimulated my heart and without any planning I planted the same. Now Drooping Ashokas have attained fairly good heights but Eucalyptus has attained a height triple to them. It is so high that anyone can see its top from a distant place.

Eucalyptus is aromatic as it contains specific fragrant oil. This tree makes an attractive addition to a lawn or orchard. In Ranchi, there is a famous rather historical ground named as Morabadi ground. The local branch of CMPDI once planted trees of Eucalyptus in a large area in the breadth of this ground and trees have become gigantic by now few years back some bats inhabited the trees and their population rose very fast within a year or so. 

I used to go under these trees to watch the activities of those bats hanging from branches. In the previous election a leader became Chief Minister of the state and fireworks continued exploding the whole day producing lots of smoke and high pitched sound. Frightened from all this bats started flying away and the sky on the ground were clouded by their presence. Up to late in the night they kept on flying in terror and God knows where they settled. Anyway, the Eucalyptus trees have lost their friends now. Recently, I came to see that a number of trees have dried up and the whole area looks somewhat barren.

So, we were talking about Eucalyptus trees. It is a medicinal tree and extracts of leaves of this tree are added in cough syrups. Its oil has germicidal property. It purifies the surrounding air. Some persons are heard saying that this tree absorbs so much water that the ground may become like a desert. In my opinion it is incorrect. Eucalyptus tree has industrial values as well. Its pulp is used for making good quality paper. As a result we can see Eucalyptus plantation in different states of India.

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