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Friday, November 6, 2015

Pollution of Rivers in India

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Governments are seriously worried about pollutions of our rivers today and a number of projects are being run to clean them and to check their pollutions. One of such projects is Namami Gange run in India through a separate department.
Can governments alone clean our rivers and remove all the pollutions we make. What not is being done near the banks of our rivers. Along such a long stretch of the course of river Ganga people do lots of activities including defecation and throwing garbage, carcasses of dead animals, dead infants and even dead persons( as Jal Pravah tradition). Joining of drains from cities and surface run offs from agriculture farms etc are old and well known stories, but many stories of serious river pollution are unheard and untold that cannot be addressed by governments. A high level awareness and real changes in our traditions and customs are needed if something is to be done in real sense to eradicate river pollutions. Here is a scene of throwing away of a dead body as Jal Pravah near Unchahar stretch of the river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. The photo was taken as sting operation by the author.

Can cleaning of the river at important points remove pollution while dead bodies are thrown into its water in remote areas?

Key Words: River pollution, namami gange, Jal Pravah

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