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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Emission Control Devices for Industries

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Pollution control plants should be installed compulsorily in all the industries. Some emission control devices popularly used in industries and elsewhere for the control of particulates are: Fabric Filters, Wet Scrubbers, Cyclone Collectors, and Electrostatic Precipitators.

 causing heavy air pollution
An Industry

A. Fabric Filter: A unique mechanical device for filtering out particulate matter, in which fabric bags are used, is called as fabric filter.
B. Wet Scrubber: A specific device meant for scrubbing out the particulate matter present in a gas by passing the gas through wet chambers is called as wet scrubber.
C. Electrostatic Precipitator: An electric operated device for isolating fine particulate matter found in a gas by ionizing the particulates when passed through a strong electric field is called as Electrostatic Precipitator.
D. Cyclone Collector: A gas cleaning device which isolates dust particles by letting them pass along with the gas in a cyclonic manner. It works on the principle that when a gas travels in a double vertex, the particles contained in it are separated. The centrifugal force developed due to the spiral movement of the gas, expels the solid particles away from it.

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