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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nest building by birds

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Birds are expert and industrious nest builders. They are specific in selection of sites, designing and engineering in their nests. They construct their nests as per their choices and choices of nest sites differ from species to species. Some birds construct their nests at the tips of tree –branches while others construct their nests on ledges of cliffs burrows or cavities, on isolated islands or over waters.

Birds are little architects and industrious nest builders
Nest of a common small bird

nests provide anchorage, warmth and protection
A bird in the well anchored nest

Why do birds build nests?
Well, birds build nests during their breeding seasons to lay eggs and to rear their young ones. The breeding season is most vulnerable period in the life cycle of a bird. They build nests to protect eggs and to develop young ones, and to protect them from predatory animals, and to protect against adverse environmental conditions.

What are the functions of nests?
Nests maintain warmth which is important for incubation and fast progressive development of the young. They supply a most supportive platform so that the eggs and the young ones. This supporting platform may be situated in a tree or on a soggy ground.

Concept behind nest building
The basic concept behind nest building is anchorage, protection, support, maintenance of temperature, and the camouflage. The camouflage is the ultimate strategy to protect the unprotected. The base of the nest is composed of coarse material like sticks or fibres or twigs which provide anchorage and support. The super structure is made of finer and warmer materials like dried grasses, cutting of clothes etc which besides providing warmth, also provides protection and camouflage.

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