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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Protect birds: build artificial nests to attract and feed them

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A careful study and examination is necessary to understand the nesting behaviour of birds. Nests can be and should be studied only after the migration of birds. A scientific observation and careful study of nests reveals the secrets of the nesting concepts of these little architects (birds).
A thirsty crow and thirsty mynas
A crow and Mynas
The study of nests of birds generates a feeling of respect for these cleaver little builders and leaves us with a thought of building artificial nests to help their protection and to attract the public towards the conservation of these unprotected, uncared, threatened and still the most innocent, independent and honourable creations  of God.

a myna's nest on a tree
A bird's nest
It is pleasantly encouraging that a number of national and international organisations, natural societies, and naturalists have come forward to generate a sense of protection of birds through their own ways. Those were days when Jharkhand (earlier Chhotanagpur) was a very big natural sanctuary of birds. Heavy industrialization, depletion of forests for agricultural expansion and many other purposes, explosions, predations, misuse of the natural environment, bird-trade, and hunting, large scale application of pesticides in farming practices etc. activities are causing disappearance of birds from the urban, semi-urban, and rural areas of Jharkhand and also in other parts of the country.

bird trade is illegal. Caged birds for sale.
Caged birds 
The only non-governmental organisation to take pioneering steps in the area of protection of birds through spreading awareness, building artificial nests to bring back the birds, and crying against the bird trade for the first time in eighties was the Prithvi- foundation( a local NGO) with the author as its principal expert and advisor.

After that a long era has passed pushing the sparrows of the state towards extinction. But no constructive efforts from the government side or from other sides have could have been recorded. Mr. Sushil Kumar Verma of the Verma Press, Ranchi is doing commendable job of protecting and attracting sparrows through his novel efforts of feeding and protecting local communities of sparrows. Let us device our own strategies to woo back sparrows to our colonies once again.

Sparrows are vanishing. Feed and protect them.
Sparrows enjoying meal

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