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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Government plans to construct one pond in each village

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The government of Jharkhand (India) has decided to construct new ponds and to renovate the old ones in every village area in the new financial year 2016-17.

An important meeting was organised in the presidentship of Mr. Amit Khare, the Principal Secretary, planning and finance, Government of Jharkhand early this week. The secretaries of different departments including water resources, rural development, animal husbandry and cooperative, and agriculture attended the meeting. The meeting was organised as per direction of the Chief Minister.

a pond in a village
A village pond
The plan incorporates the construction of at least one big pond. It there is already a pond, it is planned to be constructed deeper and broader. The Ministry of Rural Development has been instructed to construct new ponds in villages where there are no ponds. It was also decided to make check dams wherever important.

The Department of Water Resources is instructed to renovate old ponds making it deep and expanding it up to five acres. It has also been instructed to prepare a database of all the ponds with their actual number and other details. Ponds that are limited in area up to less than five acres are to be renovated by the department of Animal Husbandry and cooperative.

New ponds are to be constructed by the Department of Rural Development.Village  Panchayats have also been instructed to repair the old and less useful check dams.

Days have gone when there were numerous ponds in Jharkhand one or two per village. But, owing to expansion of human habitation, apartment culture, urbanisation etc activities most of them disappeared. Old people were wise enough to construct ponds in every village area to stabilize the local ecosystems, to cool the atmosphere, to facilitate agriculture through irrigation, to provide water for grazing cattle etc. But in current situations most of those ponds have disappeared. Thus, it is a novel step by the government to improve living of masses and to repair the environmental imbalance at the grassroots level and it must be appreciated.

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